St. Petersburg Urban Adventures

The Urban Adventures team of St. Petersburg, Russia is a compact but multi-skilled group of professionals. We are passionate and proud of what we do, how we do it, and last but not the least, we are great admirers of our city.

Most of us are natives of what is recognized as one of the most unique cities in the world–St. Petersburg. All the tour guides are university graduates, fluent foreign language-speakers and are holders of several museum licenses. Most of us have several years of guiding experience but personality defines the choice. All tour guides have different backgrounds. Among us there is a musician, an art critic, linguists and people with business backgrounds.

We all got to know each other 5 years ago when we studied together to get our museum licenses. After a year of work as free-lance guides majorly with big coach tours, we decided to do something totally different. We see our mission to implement a personalized and experiential approach in St. Petersburg tours. We all have different strengths and hobbies such Russian history, art, literature but there is something in common with no fail: we are extremely customer-oriented and eager to deliver the best service. 

All of our St. Petersburg city tours are personalized; we are passionately dedicated to bringning you a superior sight-seeing experience every time. No tours are the same; our customers visit little suburban churches along the way, check local supermarkets in residential areas, get metro rides and visit local families in communal apartments.

Being a traveller yourself is the only way to understand your customer's aspirations, fears and frustrations. Most of us are long-term business travellers or passionate world explorers. We want to show you our city the way we want to be treated on a foreign trip: personally, comfortably and off the beaten track.